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Volunteers are trained in first aid, CPR, forest resource protection and wildlife identification.
Volunteer Ranger Picks

"My favorite trail is the Grizzly Lake Trail. This trail has everything — abundant wildlife, spectacular high mountain scenery, varied terrain, great wildflowers and a pristine high altitude lake." – Garrett Bouton

"Though a long drive, the hike to Lyle Lake is an easy trek with spectacular wildflowers in July and a babbling brook to escort hikers to Lyle Lake. Continuing on to Morman Lake is more strenuous but offers awesome views of the Holy Cross Wilderness."
– Vincent Cangelosi

"Lost Man is such a joy. The flowers are spectacular - the colors so vivid, and the view from the top of the Collegiate Peaks in the distance is breathtaking."
Theba Feldman

"The ascent to Silver Creek Pass from Lead King Basin's rim is characterized by flamboyant natural gardens, a pervading peacefulness, the soft burble of a creek, and sheltering valley walls — a gentle, earthly paradise."
– Ruth Frey

"Lyle-Morman Lakes is my favorite hike. Beautiful vistas, flowers abound and extraordinary exquisite high country hike without the vertical climbs we often have to get to such a place."
– Donna Grauer

"My long-time favorite, ultimate all-day hike to experience the views east and west from an above-the-world 'summit' is West Maroon Pass ... or make it a truly enjoyable over-nighter!"
– Mary Anne Meyer

"My favorite hike is from Maroon Lake to Crater Lake in the Maroon Bells. I love this hike for the spectacular vistas of the Bells but, more importantly, because I was married at the edge of Crater Lake on a beautiful June morning."
– Judy Schramm

"My favorite hike is Lost Man Loop because the terrain, the views, and the physical/ personal experience is different every mile, from the first to the last."
– Adelaide Waters

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