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What is the Master Naturalist Program? Nationally accredited by the Alliance of Natural Resource Outreach and Service Programs, the Master Naturalist Program promotes citizen stewardship of natural resources through expertly taught science-based education courses. The goal of Master Naturalist Program is to build the competency of our volunteers as skilled educators, knowledgeable field ecologists, and dedicated conservationists. The program provides the opportunity for volunteers to continue learning about the local forest environment and share newly acquired knowledge with others through public presentations, guided hikes, or other environmental service.

Who are Master Naturalists? Master Naturalists are volunteers in good standing who
• Desire to make a difference in maintaining the quality of our native ecosystems
• Are specifically trained to ‘read’ the landscape including understanding ecological concepts,
physical processes, flora and fauna, evolutionary sciences, and human dimensions
• Share their knowledge with the public through providing educational outreach and service

What do Master Naturalists do? Master Naturalists provide public conservation education outreach. Examples of educational outreach and service include:
• Leading nature hikes
• Presenting campfire talks
• Helping local Scouts earn their “naturalist” badge
• Producing a fact sheet on local wildlife
• Assisting local federal or state agencies with wildlife monitoring
• Manning discovery stations at the Maroon Bells Scenic Area

What are the benefits of being a Master Naturalist? • Gain membership in an exclusive group of dedicated individuals that share their
conservation knowledge and skills for the betterment of our community
• Learn from and work side-by-side with experts
• Know that YOU are actively educating the public about safeguarding our forest for present
and future generations

How do I become a Master Naturalist? It’s easy.
• Become a volunteer by completing the Volunteer Opportunities Form
• Complete the seven required courses and field days.
• Submit the Master Naturalist capstone project and presentation.
• Provide four educational outreach service programs annually.

We ask participants to donate a minimum of $100 to help sustain the program. Take the first step towards achieving your Master Naturalist certification and become a volunteer today.

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