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Trail: Red Table Trail #1901
Region: Crystal River Valley
Difficulty: easy
Description: Taking this route from the top down is an enjoyable downhill cruise with some short uphill sections and some outstanding views of the area. The trail mostly passes through lodgepole pine and an occasional meadow. The trail will make a great mountain bike loop trail in either direction. There is no water available along the trail, so plan accordingly. For your safety, bicycles must yield to hikers, who in turn should yield to horses. Keep your speed down and ride safely. To protect wildlife please leave your dog at home. This is an important wildlife area for elk. This trail chould not be ridden prior to June 21st to avoid disturbing the calving elk.
Directions: Take Hwy 82 five miles north of Carbondale to Cattle Creek and follow the signs to Cottonwood Pass. 1/2 mile past the summit of Cottonwood Pass turn right on Red Table Road #514. After about 10 miles turn right onto the road where there is a sign saying "locked gate, 6 miles". The parking lot is 22 feet ahead. The secondary road beyond the parking lot is 4WD only. Follow the arrowed carsonite posts for 2.7 miles to the start of the single track trail.


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