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Trail: Sunnyside #1987
Difficulty: difficult
Description: The trail starts by climbing up Red Mountain. There are great views of the surrounding peaks. The trail continues switchbacking along the side of the mountain through scrub oak. In a little less than 2 miles the trail enters the aspen groves. Stay on the main trail through the aspen. The trail climbs steeply and passes a radio facility on the right. Shortly after this the Shadyside Trail enters on the left. Continue right on the Sunnyside Trail which heads east contouring Red Mountain. In about 1 mile, a second sign for Shadyside Trail will appear on the left. To remain on the Sunnyside Trail, stay right. In about 1 1/2 miles, the trail intersects with a 4WD road. Follow the road to a sign marking the Sunnyside Trail off to the right. Here the trail becomes a single track and descends towards Hunter Creek. The Sunnyside Trail is intersected once again by another 4WD road. The left fork of this 4WD road goes to Van Horn Park. To descend into the Hunter Creek Valley pick up the single track of the Hunter Creek Trail on the other side. There is a junction at the bottom of the trail, turn right and continue for about 1/8 of a mile to the Tenth Mountain Bridge. Cross the bridge and head right, following the single track through the meadow. The trail descends steeply through the trees and crosses Benedict Bridge. Take an immediate left just after the bridge. The trail follows Hunter Creek crossing over the creek several times. The last section is mostly boardwalk and ascends steps ending behind the Hunter Creek Condominiums. If you haven't arranged for a car shuttle you can walk into town and catch the bus.
Directions: There are 2 options to access the Sunnyside Trail. The first is from Cemetery Lane and the second from Hunter Creek. These directions are from Cemetery Lane, please follow them in reverse for access from Hunter Creek. Drive west from Aspen 1/4 mile on Highway 82 to the Cemetery Lane stoplight. Turn right, cross the bridge and turn left onto McLain Flats Road. There is a small parking area on the left. The trail starts on the right. You can also ride the Cemetary Lane bus from town to the last stop on Cemetery Lane and walk uphill 1/2 mile to the trailhead.
Map: USGS Aspen


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